Our Business Models

Our vision is to deploy our mobile technology platform to connect all insurance companies and all types of distribution channels and make insurance available to everyone.

Our Commercial Channels

In order to provide financial safeguard in uncertain time, Fuse has partnered with thousands of individual and corporate partners. Individual/corporate partners will offer and sell various insurance products directly to the end customers. By using Fuse Pro application, they could do end-to-end process, from buying to claiming policies digitally anytime and anywhere in the simplest and safest ways. Find Out More

The number of people that shop online is inevitable. Therefore, Fuse has expanded the business by partnering with numerous channels consisting of e-commerce marketplaces, fintechs, and more. By partnering with Fuse, channel partners could provide an easy-to-get protection to their customers from loss or damage when buying stuff online as Fuse has one time Application Programming Interface (API), that could auto generate e-policy and dispatch policy directly to customers via email, SMS, and more. Find Out More

Our Journey

We are striving to reach our main mission to become the most preferred insurtech company in Southeast Asia

Just like a milestone on the side of a road marks how far we've gone, these achievements and recognitions track our progress in reaching our main goals.

Opened late 2020

to serve the growing demand of insurance and digital channels and to replicate our success in Indonesia

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
| Chengdu, China | Shenzhen, China | | Batam | Pekanbaru | Balikpapan | Bandung | Surabaya | Yogyakarta | Denpasar, Bali | Bekasi | Palembang | Padang | Semarang | Medan | Solo | Bandar Lampung | Makassar | Malang |

Started our business in 2017, we’ve managed to be one of the best insurtech company in Indonesia & South East Asia


Our active partners come from different backgrounds and are increasing day-to-day

2.5 Million+
Policies per Month

Through our service more millions of people every day are getting their valuable assets protected


Numerous well-known and trusted insurance companies take role in providing customers the high level of protections

Our Insurance Partners

More than 40 leading and trusted insurance companies have partnered with Fuse and help our insurance specialists provide variety of insurance products to fulfill the end customers protection needs

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